My Boys

We are all girls in my family, lots of girl cousins on my father’s side, only two boys were born to carry on the family name and to continue the strong and powerful Ferrao name.

So obviously I thought I would have girls too. I received lots of beautiful blue clothes to bring me ‘luck’ just so I could have a boy. Funny thing is I went into the clinic with two boy names in mind, I was 100% sure of those two names.

Since I was a child I have always loved babies and I couldn’t wait to have my own precious gift from God. It is such a beautiful, special blessing to be called MOM.

I did have a boy! My first born and the apple of my eye, came as a pleasant surprise – I had been off the pill since March and in late October the doctor confirmed the happy news.

Marcio was born on Monday, 12 July 1993.

Moo arrived and changed our lives forever. The most overwhelming feeling of holding a perfect boy in my arms, I am still in awe and wonder of his beauty.

I was home on maternity leave for about six months (lucky girl) and happily returned to work and started to fall into a routine – work, two phone calls a day to the day-mother, fetching my boy and walking home with him in the pram for evening chores and routine.

Moo was nine months old, when the doctor said; “No, nothing is wrong. You are fine, you are pregnant again”.

“I am what???”

I cried, I was shocked, nine months! I thought breastfeeding protected you from falling pregnant….

He was not planned he was a big SURPRISE to all of us. But he was so special from that minute. This one kept moving in my belly, he kicked furiously all the time, I loved every minute of it. I could tell he was going to be very different.

Tiago was born on Saturday, 17 December 1994. I went home in time for Christmas dinner with the family with little Tigs in my arms. A calm baby, with huge grey eyes, and a dimple. He was an angel.

Boys! You know they keep you busy and having two so close together is courageous and crazy. Sometimes they looked like twins, both in nappies in the shopping trolley they got lots of attention from shoppers, me and my large nappy bag that was my handbag too for a few years.

We survived and recorded all the milestones, from first tooth, to fisrt steps and first words….from growing pains, to big feet, to voice changes and hair on the face it all happened in a blink of an eye. I miss those hugs around my waist. Before I knew it I had  two grown boys at home. Both taller than me, they tease me and drive me insane and at the same time have given me great bear hugs and so much fun, laughter and joy.

Moo grew up to be hardworking, shy, giant, quiet, determined, motivated, dreamer, soft spoken, stubborn, cheeky, loving, sensitive, handsome, emotional, sense of humor, religious and a genius ….

Tigs is a dreamer, soft, gentle, loving, cheeky, stubborn, sporty, funny, adventurous, a risk taker, mischievous, religious, great memory capacity, clever, gorgeous, friendly and sensitive ….

So different, so beautiful, they are good friends and they have blessed me and filled my life, our lives, with so much LOVE.

7 thoughts on “My Boys

  1. Your sons are just as how you brought them up in the fear of God. Count your Blessings, God is Merciful when we obey Him. How nice to be such proud parents!

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