My Photographer

Our story -

We were both born in Angola and separated from our families in 1975 because of the war; our families were scattered all over the world. Somehow, Nelson (a.k.a. the bear) landed in Portugal and grew up there. He visited South Africa for the first time in his life in 1988 and that is when we met. We fell in love in the Kruger National Park under the African sky and stars and the rest as they say is history … :)

He arrived in Johannesburg in 1989 with permanent residence papers, and we were married in 1990.

He came with a camera! Photos have been a big part of our lives for a long time.  It is his hobby and passion. He is patient, determined, persistent, and an engineer of sorts (if you only knew the devices he makes for the sake of photography).

He has spent long tiring hours in our 4X4 in the heat to capture the perfect photo. So many times when we have sat with him not being allowed to breathe let alone sneeze….the very early mornings too and the times he has dragged us on his wild and crazy photography trips.

This is my photographer – you will see some of his photos on this blog (I will post my favorite once a month). His album is a true testament of his love for photography, wildlife and for Africa.

All photographs are copyrighted and belong to NRLopes Photography

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