Humpback whale

Ah this was a big one, a serious painting, it was my sons request. He says he has no paintings in his room, I have never painted anything for him, err…really?!

His room has no spare walls!  On one side there is a glass cabinet with formula one cars, a large wood turtle, a small painting of a green frog (a gift his aunt Nat painted), the other wall is all window, the next wall has a large poster a photo of when he was about 10 years old surfing on the Kalahari sand dunes and the last small space has a pastel I did for him of his favorite cat, the lynx!

I have no idea where we are going to hang this rather large whale painting.


152 x 100 Oil Humpback whale

152 x 100 Oil
Humpback whale

I loved painting this whale, I absolutely love the ocean and anything related to the sea, all shades of blue are my favorite colors, painting the humpback whale gave me so much joy.

I have another whale painting in mind, one idea that he loves and so that will be one of my next projects very soon ♥


152 x 100 Oil Humpback whale

hanging in his room

hanging in his room

Mom didn’t really teach me that much

Today is father’s day and my boys gave their dad this card


Notice the very last sentence – mom didn’t really teach me all that much –🙂  yes I know it’s funny, but it did get me thinking….

When I started blogging I always thought I had so much to say or write about. The boys were at a school going age and growing up faster than bamboo shoots on steroids.

But then they left school and it was first day of varsity and I blogged about that and about letting go. And then it felt like parenting was over.

It was an emotional time seeing them in university and trying this new thing called “letting go” and I was actually quiet about the boys for a long time, at least on the blog.

They are adults, one will be 23 in a few months’ time and the other one will be 22 at the end of the year!  So apart from graduation day, what else have I got to look forward to? What else have I got to say about being a mom?  Oh yes, the wedding day….but they both say they are not getting married, so let’s skip that thought for now.

It’s like parenting is really over, done and dusted. We finished our task, or is it really? Parenting grownups, when does it stop and when does the worrying stop?

My almost 23-year-old, is studying in Cape Town so he only comes home for the long holidays of course I worry about him all the time, what he’s eating, how late he eats and how late he goes to bed, how he separates his washing etc.

But it’s the small one, the one that lives at home, that worries me the most.  He gets frustrated with me and my constant messaging, but I just like to know when he arrives somewhere and when he’s leaving so I know he’s safe. I have this need to check up on him all the time.

I think adult children still need that ceaseless looking after.  But I am beginning to see my children in a new way; they are good capable young people. I have to recognise their differences and respect that, they have grown into two very different individuals.

I try to share some of my wisdom, if you can call it that, don’t even know if they see it as wisdom or advice or things I know or just ‘stuff she says’.

Whatever their age I still feel I need to worry, I need to talk and I need to pray. I don’t think this is a mother of sons’ syndrome it’s just normal mother behavior. In learning to let go I have to learn to surrender them to God. It’s not really up to me anymore, and this is so hard for me to say and admit.

“With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”

Mark 10:27

Spanish girl

Spanish girl was an easy start for the year, after a long break I always feel like I need to start with something not too challenging I need an easy going piece….something that just flows with no stress. It’s a small canvas and I love the background color and the flowers.

Spanish girl reminds me a bit of Frida Kahlo

25 x 35

25 x 35

Pinto flores para que nunca mueran

I paint flowers so they will not die
Frida Kahlo

African Scenery Art

So this year I started my art life with something simple and quite different.

My nephew (from Portugal) was visiting in December and January, he loves to paint, actually he’s a wonderful artist. Rui is deaf and dumb and his disability makes normal life a bit challenging sometimes. One thing he is good at is painting, he likes acrylics and his style is bold, using bright colors, delightful pictures that celebrate life.

He was still here when art classes resumed and I knew that leaving him at home would have been cruel, so he came with me to art class and we did a little bit of stenciling for fun, something he has not tried before.

Inspired by the gorgeous rich colors of the African sunsets…we made these two small pieces for his bedroom.


He painted this one with the windmill. The stencil is filled with plaster


Mine was more complicated as there are no ready-made stencils with baobab trees I had to make my own

Mine was more complicated as there are no ready-made stencils with baobab trees I had to make my own

adding a little bit of fine grass

adding a little bit of fine grass

Completed "African Scenery"

“African Scenery”

…and that was my first little bit of art for 2016 ♥

I’ve been quiet for so long….

I’ve been quiet for so long….I don’t even know what to say. I have no idea why, I haven’t read any blogs haven’t posted anything in so so long. I haven’t even prepared any of my own blog posts in ages! I used to have some saved and ready to be published, there was always something small saved up.

I feel terrible and almost guilty.

Today was a public holiday in SA and tomorrow I will be home (yeah) happy dance, so it’s a nice long weekend and so it’s catch up time.

I’m back! I’m here!


You’ve been gone so long from all that you know. It’s been shuffled aside as you bask in the glow. All the beautiful strangers who whisper your name, do they fill up the emptiness?