My Delight

Sabbath is a delight
It’s Friday and I can’t wait to get home and pass out that is how I usually feel on Friday evening.  But no, tonight is youth meeting at our place and two chocolate cakes are ready and waiting for a bunch of hungry teens!
Lunch tomorrow?  Hmm… I’m thinking about lentil bobotie and roast potatoes should be ready long before sunset.  So tonight when those bouncy energy bursting kids arrive for youth meeting everything will be in its place, and we can finally relax at home.  Enjoy our friends, some Gaither music (getting a bit tired of that), 3ABN, church and tomorrow’s lunch, which is always filled with other nice goodies and lasts till late afternoon.
It should be the high point of the week – the best food, the best fellowship, the best of everything.  If we are not enjoying the Sabbath, if we can’t call it “a delight,” then there’s something wrong with how we are keeping it.  
Sunset in the Kalahari National Park – nothing more beautiful than an African sunset –
As the sun goes down, let the voice of prayer and the hymn of praise mark the close of the sacred hours and invite God’s presence through the cares of the week of labor

Happy Sabbath Everyone!  

PS – It’s my sister in law’s birthday today, Happy Birthday Candida.


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