Why do animals eat their young?

Ever wonder why in the animal kingdom they sometimes eat their young?   Strange thing, nature can’t always be explained or maybe it can and we just don’t understand it.  Is it cannibalism if fish eat their baby fish?

I actually don’t sit and think about this type of thing until one of my own young starts to annoy me.  Then and only then (I promise) I have this strange puzzling thought …

Kids are taking too damn long to grow up, maybe I should just eat them!

They do nothing by the book! Why? There are a number of books on child rearing, teaching them good Christian principles and values and discipline.  So many good authors and books to choose from.  The problem is that by the time you have read and understood that one chapter and tried to apply it the child is in another age group or milestone altogether and you’ve missed the boat. 
And then they just don’t do anything by the book. They are different.

Why don’t they just come with an instruction manual, it would be available in many languages folded nicely into a little pamphlet that you can never get right again.  


If I had the energy to pick a up a book now on child discipline etc. I would add these notes at the back under the word Tigs –
  •      Cute as can be, I can do anything I like my eyes will-let-you-let-me
  •      To clean him something else must become dirty
  •      The later he stays up the more grumpy he is in the morning
  •      Mess in his room multiplies in every available corner
  •      If you want him to do something don’t ask, if you ask he won’t do it
  •      Patience!
  •      Can’t wait to drive a car but doesn’t know how to use a lawnmower
  •      Hates school and does not see the need to go 
This would be under Moo –
  • The more time you spend on the meal the less he will eat
  • The quickest way to get his attention is to sit down and look comfortable
  • Patience!
  • Mess in his room multiplies in every available corner, in little neat piles 
  • If you want him to do something don’t ask, if you ask he won’t do it
Why is the one list longer than the other? 
Well it was Tigs turn to be ‘eaten’ this week, so I have more to moan about – just unbelievable how he can have absolutely no worries about school work.  All the teachers are at fault, of course, it’s not him.  He never has homework, he studies the night before and then it’s no wonder the marks look the way they do.  This week has been one of those where I wanted to eat one of my young or just be like a lion that slaps his cubs so hard they yelp, fall over and come back to play with the temperament a little milder if only for a few minutes.

hmmm this cub looks scared and he might not need that slap and the lion is so much bigger.  In my case the roles are reversed, my cubs are taller than me, they don’t look frightened when I stand and stare up at them.  The impact is just not the same.  

The joys the ups and the downs of motherhood.  Wish they were still this size …. little sweeter, little milder, and the desire to eat them then was less.

One day these boys will be men, 
My heart my soul my pride my joy my boys my everything. 
I won’t eat them today.

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