Perfect Moments

Perfect Moment 1 – Farm Gate 

On September the 29th art students from ‘The Art Centre’ are donating their art works for a charity auction and exhibition.  
Our art is being sold to raise funds for the St. Francis Orphanage and the Society for Animals in Distress.  

September is almost here and I still need to finish one more painting for the Perfect Moments Charity Exhibition.  I committed two paintings…and they should preferably be dry! Yuks!  Things are moving very slowly.  

The theme is ‘Perfect Moments’ so it can be anything we imagine to be perfect.  Some of the paintings that are finished and decorating the class walls are awesome.  I look at mine and … oh well I wonder if it is good enough to be in the same room with those amazing paintings.

All I want is for one of my paintings to be sold, just one, it would boost my morale and creativity and give me some hope that maybe my work is not so bad. 

Life never seems to be the way we want it
but we live it the best way we can 
there is no Perfect life, 
but we can fill it with perfect Moments

wish me luck guys …

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