Tia Fernanda

…too well loved to be forgotten, you will always missed and will be forever in our hearts, you were gone too soon.  

Gone too soon.
Like a rainbow 
fading in the sky.
Like the sunlight 
on a cloudy day.
Like a sand castle 
on the beach 
Like a sunset leaving us
with the rising of the moon
You were gone too soon

My auntie, I will remember you as the laughing, pretty fun loving person you were.  You loved to dance and party, loved to laugh.  Loved your family.  A good cook (maybe too much garlic) but a good cook for sure.  I loved your laugh and I loved how you always said ‘beijoca’ instead of ‘beijinhos’ how you called everyone ‘meu amor’ and ‘quiducha’ was a word you used often.  

The boys called you ‘nhoca nhoca’ and your other name – ‘tia rock & roll’ was a perfect description of the fun loving person you were.   
I will always remember and treasure the last time we were together and the fun we had on the London underground and in our long walk through the city.  So grateful for having that memory and that beautiful last day with you.  I am sorry those days are gone for ever but I know the memories will live on…

I will smile because you have lived, open my eyes and see what you have left, be full of love for what you shared with us and cherish your memory and let it live on, that’s what you would have wanted.

love you and will miss you madly


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