Claim to fame

Just the other day I moaned about my beach bum. Now that very same one who we call Moo is to be praised for his achievements.

We got up early this morning to go out and buy a newspaper with the matric results. I don’t know how they do it in other countries but here in SA it’s printed every year at this time; all the schools in the country and every single child that wrote grade 12 final exams get their names printed in the paper if they pass. If you achieved university entrance (and every kid wants that, or most anyway) your name will have a symbol next to it. If you have achieved distinctions (above 80%) in a certain subject then the subject name appears next to your name. The actual certificate with the results you have to collect from the school a bit later in the morning, so the anticipated newspaper is the big excitement from about 05h30 in the morning.

Where am I going with this? 
Well of course Moo did well, very well…all I’m asking is who claims the fame?

Is he gifted or a genius? Maybe, we never tested him for that; and he doesn’t have all the characteristics of a genius; like he’s not scared of the seams in his socks 🙂
Who does he take after in the family? My side or husbands side?   *at least he has my looks, that’s all I’m saying…*

So who deserves to be congratulated?
Speaking to one of his teachers this morning he congratulated Moo and us the parents.
And yes I do agree we should get some credit for it, we raised him and have been teaching him from his first ‘ma-ma’ syllables. Putting a child through school nowadays is very expensive and a lot of hard work. So I accept the congratulations.
We are so very proud!

Some of the teachers are really dedicated and right from primary school they too deserve some credit for their hard work and dedication in the classroom. Mr Amod who taught life sciences (biology) is my favorite teacher and although he says that teaching Moo was a reward for him in his profession I really think we were lucky and privileged to have known him. And I will take his advise and ‘bask in glory’ as he says. It is every parents dream to give good parental support and just have an honest hard working gentleman leave the house one day.  

But I had a good laugh today. Even wombat wants to claim her bit of fame too. Wombat (my mother) different to the one in Spud but just as crazy….She says that her grandfather was very clever! LOL!
I’m sorry if you don’t find that funny (it had me in stitches) read Spud and you’ll understand how funny this is.

But seriously now…the claim to fame must be his. 
For every night burning the midnight oil, drinking tea or milo and playing classical music that kept me awake
For every weekend in his room busy with tons of homework or studying
Every Saturday evening when we were in the lounge watching movies and eating popcorn and he was in his room – busy with homework! 
For every weekend that we couldn’t go out without his timetable permission. Where does all that school work come from and why is he always doing so much studying?

Results show us where all that hard work has gone. He took seven subjects (some kids can take extra if they like) and he got all seven distinctions!
So Moo, CONGRATULATIONS, you do deserve all the credit, your hard work and dedication has paid off. Well done my boy. 
We are so very proud of you!


4 thoughts on “Claim to fame

  1. And I say well done to you and Nelson for raising such an amazing, bright, not to mention very hansome young man….u are a great mom paw paw and def deserve some credit. You must be very proud. I hope I am half the mom to my baby as you are to your boys. ROTFL "wombat" Preetiks….

  2. WOW Paula… in this day and age when one hears so much about how the young are so lazy and lacking in motivation, etc… it is soooo refreshing to hear such a success story… well done, not only to Marcio but definitely to the parents who raised him, and I have no doubt that you played a major role in this bright young man's life…!!May God bless you all and specially Marcio as he goes off to conquer new horizons, beijinho, Laura

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words Laura. Keep him in your prayers as he soon leaves home for the first time in his life to go to UCT. Sad for me but exciting for him, we just want him to remember what he has been taught at home and GOD

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