We all need one…

I thought I needed one now more than ever, sometimes I think I’m the only person that needs a cheerleader…but yesterday I was talking to a friend at work that needed that little bit of encouragement. I didn’t realize how down she was feeling and I am not sure if I helped her or not but it felt good to chat. 
Her day was terrible and apart from having to cope with the death of someone very close to her she was stressing over what I called a ‘hobby’. 
Turns out it’s not just a hobby but something she takes very seriously, it’s a life goal and personal commitment and it’s one of those sports that really needs a cheerleader. I am sorry I can’t be at her races. 
But Bo if it helps at all – I will cheer you at your next one.
We all need a Cheerleader in life!
A friend with kind words and a kind gesture, someone that can encourage you. Someone that compliments you when you are down, and try’s very hard to make you feel good about yourself. It’s a bit like having a trainer in the boxing ring with you telling you to get up and to keep punching. You are going to win! Don’t give up!
Look out for those moments when you can ‘cheer’ someone up and encourage them with pom poms and a cheery war cry. We all need a Cheerleader in life!

1 thought on “We all need one…

  1. I've been so busy I haven't had time to read all my blogs – until tonight. Paul! Thanks so much. Not only on this day in particular, but all the days you have the patience to stop and listen to me and give me advice. It's comforting working with friends like you! You are so special to me!!!! Thanks!!!! #MyCheerleader

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