GP or CA?

I love Cape Town and if you have been here you love it too; I haven’t traveled all over the globe either and I don’t need to I just know that Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. 
On the one side you have Table Mountain it’s an awesome – awesome view looking up and that’s not the only mountain here, sometimes people forget the others! Then there’s the ocean! I LOVE the ocean and mountains so combine these two and you have a perfect combination and city. 

But there is something about this place and these people….must be the mist from the mountain that makes them all seem a bit crazy. This week here has not been a holiday all that was missing from a real working week was my drive to the bank. We came here to settle Moo in his flat (my cousin’s flat) we had a huge to-do & to-shop-list and it’s not complete yet (we leaving Saturday). So this has definitely not been a holiday we are busy running around finding things, painting, fixing, shopping and sitting in traffic. 

Capetonians don’t like drivers in cars with GP registration, lucky for us we are using a CA car đŸ™‚
Capetonians think we are bad people, funny thing is they are terrible drivers and you better watch out when you’re on the road or avoid them at all costs, take a bus or cycle.

  • They never indicate
  • They love to cut-in in traffic
  • There are way less taxi drivers here than Jhb (that’s a plus) but the ones here are just as dodge, although ‘whities’ ride on them happily
  • There’s less hooting, yeah, one good thing
  • When you do use the hooter they ignore you anyway kind of like ‘I can’t hear you’
  • Peek hour starts at 16h00 sharp! They leave work way too early…need to speak to my boss about my work hours
  • They are very slow, chilled and relaxed bru (that’s scary when operating a vehicle)
  • Capetonians insist there is no traffic in the city but that’s because they only drive to the Waterfront 
  • There are hardly any beggars at robots …. mmmm that’s because they are also at the Waterfront
So what is it that makes them such bad but non aggressive drivers? Is it the mountain mist or the wind? They seem crazy but they do have a different and very care free attitude on the road. Drives us GP drivers insane!

This week has been fun, and with Moo down here for the next four years I guess we’ll be back more often to socialize with these bergies. More funny stories and experiences for us can’t wait.


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