To walk or not to walk?

I found this the other day – Top 10 excuses not to run – it was quite by accident. See I registered for the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge, and the damn day has arrived! It’s today!

So all the marketing peeps or most of them anyway are doing it together. We have a ‘cheer leader’ who sends out tips for running and eating healthy …. and I read them with undivided attention, in case she wants to test me or something …. she hasn’t yet.
I’m not a runner or a walker, but I’d like to be walker, and these Top 10 excuses which accidently appeared on my screen –
(I think it was BO that planted them on my laptop) Hey maybe that is why it crashed!
Ok back to my original though, I have used these excuses for not walking or doing any type of exercise so many times that I’m yawning as I read them zzzzz
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m too tired
  • I get bored easily
  • I’m just not motivated enough
  • It’s too cold, it’s too hot
  • I’m too busy with my family – kids, hubby, cooking…
  • I’m too self conscious
  • I don’t have anyone to do it with
  • I don’t see results
  • I hate it, where’s the fun?
Like I said the day has arrived, I have the t-shirt and number and I’m still thinking of some excuse to give the ‘cheer leader’
I will let you know tomorrow if I did it or not. But I secretly prayed for a huge storm around 16h00 would be a good time. Sorry.
I’m sure you can see I’m also so lazy …

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