I did it!

My beautiful friend Odi

Guess what it did rain, we had a good storm, just that it was the wrong time of the afternoon. So I had no choice or excuse and went to JP Morgan. I made it to the race. This is actually my 3rd time so I don’t know why I was being such a big sissy about it.
You could run or walk. No pressure, no one checking my time or speed or heart rate or PB or whatever it is they do.
 I had company for the first km (those 3 chicks were mad looking for gaps and taking them) and then I told them to go and leave me. So I walked briskly on my own for the rest of the way.
It felt like punishment. I took it like a woman. I deserved to be punished.

Other than that – – 

We had good laughs and lots of girly giggles before the race started
It was a beautiful cool evening after the storm, we are still celebrating summer
We had some cheer leaders along the way, nice friendly neighbours 
I witnessed Roderick ask the water guy if he had ice cream LOL, but I screatly wanted one too
Walking under the huge old jacaranda trees…my favourite smell, the best perfume!
Most awesome full moon smiling down at me
Much deserved warm bubble bath when I got home 🙂

I did it!  5.6km in 01h17  Yeah!

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