Long Weekend

There’s something extra special about long lazy weekends when you stay at home. The roads are quiet and there’s a sense of peace in the air. I love it. I love the relaxed feeling even at home the meals are more simple. It’s just a good feeling all round. I’m glad we didn’t go anywhere and we are just chilling at home. I have my favorite three boys at home, bliss!

Alarm clock is off and we take naps after breakfast and after lunch, it’s so quiet in my house, boys are busy with the things they love – playing with gadgets like ipods, ipads, all those iboy toys – and hubby is surfing the net reading his favorite sport, news and photography sites. He’s got flu and naps with the laptop on his lap, TV remote close by….snoring….
I have also had my turn with the ipad, learning to instagram and colorsplash, lots of fun, but enough of that.

I took Thursday off to make it an extra long weekend and to spend some time with the boys, we managed to squeeze in some shopping and then met my favourite people for lunch and bowling and some laughs. 

Wonderful, I wonder what the rest of the weekend has in store? 

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