I have nothing to wear ?!

I have nothing to wear reminds me of a t-shirt I owned when I was in my late teens. Yes another one of those funny t-shirts. These ones I remember very clearly, my mother hated them and we loved them. My sis had one that said: “I can’t believe I forgot to have children” this was so typical of her, she was the forgetful one who always lost things especially keys…and she did have kids late in life as if she only remembered she could do that when she was like 50 oops, I mean turning 40.
My t-shirt said: “I can’t believe I’m 21 & still have nothing to wear” that also suited me I was not too good at buying anything half decent for myself although I was already working and buying my own clothes. Things have not changed too much, I’m still 21, LOL, and I still have nothing to wear. I am always envious of people that can put an outfit or look together by just mix-matching anything in their cupboards. You know those girls that put on a brown paper bag, high heels, jewelry and look glamorous! Yeah that effortless look, everyone around me seems to have, I am envious of that.
Anyway, I have a crisis now. I am going to my friends wedding and I really-honestly-truely have nothing to wear. I have spent hours going into all the shops you can imagine. Except ackermans (nothing against them) but I was in every store from the most expensive to the normal places and I bought nothing.

Today’s fashion? Well yes, I see that the creased look is in, the doilies are back – I think they mean to add lace but it ends up looking like my grans whole cupboard exploded in one dress. Leopard print and sequins are also back and every store had them. I hate all of that.
Anything that looked half decent was a t-shirt or a dress in t-shirt material and expensive. Now I am quite happy to spend good money on something pretty for my friends wedding. I don’t want to embarrass her but I am not going to pay R700 for a Jo Borkett t-shirt with no funny sayings on it!! Sorry Jo I draw the line here.

I got so desperate I started taking photos of the options out there….Help! I really have nothing to wear! 

love the gold – yeah!

who ever though that blankets could be worn?

ugh, say no more

my favorite most comfortable piece of clothing

at least the other guests will know I’m a friend of the bride. David will be relieved he doesn’t know me!
So my friend – “I know you don’t care what I wear, you already have a dress, which you thoughtlessly bought without asking me if I also wanted one in a bigger size, but just so you know I have not given up and I’m still looking for something unique”
This weekend we are going out again, this time hubby is coming with.
Oh brother, total melt down in the mall I can see it already!!

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