Awake with the birds

Saturday morning – 
We left the house at 05:00 …. why do photographers do everything at dawn? *shaking my head* if it was summer it would be 04:00 out of the house for the early sunrise…
Oh yes, they want to get that beautiful morning light, that glorious golden color.

So I joined hubby on his trip to Marievale, must be his one millionth trip there, he didn’t have any of his usual buddies with him and with Tigs out of the house at a sleepover I decided to pack my flask and blankie and join him on this trip. This was my first. 

Marievale is a bird sanctuary and a real birders paradise and of course heaven for photographers. Perfect little hides right here at home (45 minute drive for us).
We were the first ones to arrive and book our spot. We watched the sun rise, had coffee/him & hot chocolate/me. Listened to the birds beautiful choir as they woke and came out to warm in the early morning sun.
It was a good morning! The birds got louder, I love their music …

Hubby packed a camera for me but I think he put it on all sorts of crazy settings just to confuse me and to make sure I don’t take better pictures than him.
So these first ones are from my cell and below are the ones taken with the Sony a550
Sun rise 

06:30  –  Sun rises now 
The crew  of enthusiasts 
My # 1 Enthusiast 
The real camera photos – 
Redknobbed Coot
Purple Gallinule
Hottentot Teal
Cape Clawless Otters
Malachite Kingfisher
Common Stonechat
Black Crake
Cape Shoveler – bottoms up!


Buffstreaked Chat

Beautiful morning, loved it, thank you babes 

1 thought on “Awake with the birds

  1. This reminded me of when I was alittle and went with my dad. We also left early in the morning and it was so beautiful to watch the sun rise and the birds waking up. It's such a special thing to do. I now feed the birds in my garden. Not the same, but still love watching them. Stunning pics, btw!

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