Lazy Sunday lunch

I had a new visitor in my garden today a robin I didn’t want to fetch my phone for a quick picture cause then I’d loose out and I wouldn’t be able to enjoy him…
It’s a perfect winter day, beautiful sun shine, washing is done, the pool pump is almost putting me to sleep. The boys are watching some sport on TV. 
Today’s lunch? Oh that was so easy, a family favorite – I made lentil pie 

My Lentil pie – for a lazy Sunday lunch 
two rolls of puff pastry – make your own if you feel domesticated, I seldom do 🙂
one tub of spring onion & chives cream cheese 
tin of lentils

fry a little onion and mushrooms in pot until soft, add grated carrot and let it cook for a few minutes. Add salt & pepper to taste and the cream cheese. Line the pie dish with one roll of pastry and pour the lentil mixture in; then cover with the other roll. Bake for + – forty minutes until golden in color @ 200 degrees

Enjoy, xoxo

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