Bird photographers

In April when we enjoyed all those long weekends I ventured out with my photographer on my first trip to Marievale (Awake with the birds). Soon after that early morning he convinced me, or twisted my arm, and I got my basket and my flask one more time. On this trip two of the other photo buddies were coming too…they were on a mission. It was a misty morning so most people stayed away from photography that day and we had the hide all to ourselves. Every trip they try something different to perfect their ‘strategy’ on the kingfisher 🙂 These boys are determined and just a tad crazy!
I had a camera and lens again and did a better job this time – here are my pics 

Redknobbed Coot
This is what we came for the Malachite Kingfisher – a tiny little bird (about 13 cm long) that only stops long enough to swallow a little fish and off he darts again. Gorgeous little thing painted in brightest colors, he was and always is the highlight of the day.

and that was another beautiful morning with the birds and the photographers….

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