When I’m big I want to be…

When I’m big one day I want to be….?

What difficult decisions we expect our high-school-going children to make. They are 17, 18 and they have to choose a career and fill in a form for university, there is no time to waste and not enough time to think. What did you want to be when you were a child? Do you even remember? Some of us do.

I know a lawyer that hates his job, another that keeps looking for other business opportunities, I know a dentist that wants to close his practice and start something new! A qualified teacher who earns his salary in marketing in a bank.

I work in a bank but I wanted to be a nursery school teacher, or a midwife. Anything that involved children; that was my dream.

Do you know what, for me it’s not all a failure, I’m not a teacher and I didn’t get to work in a maternity ward and deliver babies all day; but I did deliver two boys, I got to be a teacher to two boys, it wasn’t all a fail. I am a mom! I was born to be a mom!

I haven’t seen my son for almost three months and he came home yesterday for his second term holiday. When I walked in and found both brothers in the kitchen talking over each other, laughing and teasing everyone they know….I smiled and hugged them both and I realised I was born to be a mom. That’s what I wanted to be when I was a kid and I am. I am happy! 🙂

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