Inspired by faith

Some time ago, I was working on a small article for our church newsletter when I found some interesting facts about old art masters.  My title was ‘Because God Sees’ it’s a long piece that I can’t repeat here, but here is a small portion of that article –

Europe has so many cathedrals everywhere, every single country has at least one great cathedral and they are magnificent! However, do you know that for most of those cathedrals:

No one can say who built them there are no records of their names. The builders gave their whole lives for a work they would never see finished. They made great sacrifices and expected no credit. Their passion was fuelled by their faith that the eyes of God saw everything. No great cathedrals will ever be built again in our lifetime because no one is willing to sacrifice to that degree.

This is what inspired my next painting. I immediately thought of a beautiful picture I had of Jesus, and decided then that I would paint it.

I find it very difficult to paint people, and this painting was no easy task. I had some faith that I would be able to complete it and hope and prayed I could do it justice….I prayed about this painting.

It gave me heartache, headache, back and neck ache as I struggled and stood at strange angles and sat in strange positions. What stress! So glad it is done, as I struggled through this one I thought of the little faith I have, the faith I do have in small things and seeing where my strength lies. Determined not to give up I finished it.

*sigh* I hope I did it justice!

6 thoughts on “Inspired by faith

  1. Paula, this is such a beautiful painting. It’s absolutely awesome and I can stare at it for hours. I think I saw it on Facebook too – good because I’d love to share it with my mom. She’d love it just as much.

  2. I Love it, I absolutely Love it my friend. It shows your beauty on the inside. Gotta get myself one of those. So when you going to have faith enough for another. I’d buy it if it were for sale.

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