Pink Milk

Some days are just so bad that you think they never going to end, today was one of those days. For a Monday and from the minute I walked in I had the hair on back standing up, like a cat when he sees something that totally spooks him. It was a terrible day. No doubt it was a blue and very cold Monday. Now that it’s over and I’m feeling better, and we are a day closer to the next weekend….I will share my secret of clam and happiness with you *snigger*

I’m not advertising someone’s product here. BUT this is really really good stuff. So if you like soya milk get yourself a packet and taste this little piece of heaven. Its yum beyond explanation. It worked for me. And I’m off to bed with a pink smile for tonight 🙂

PS – if you add fresh strawberries, a banana and blend with ice, OMW !! 🙂 🙂


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