Date night

I’m exhausted today; had another busy crazy day at the office. When I got home had I taken two minutes to sit on the sofa I would have passed out.

We went out last night on a ‘date night’ not mine and hubby’s date (will have to explain this some other time) so anyway we went out for the evening for dinner and a movie. My favourite pass time. Loved the evening, I really did. But Tuesday is what I call a school night, straight after work to be out till 22h30 and then get up for work the next day is not easy. I mean this is when I realise that I’m not cut out for these late nights out. It’s different when you are home and stay up late, but to be out of the house till that late in the evening really was hard work. I yawned all the way home from movie and then passed out in less than two minutes when my head hit the pillow. Getting up this morning was damn hard work!

And coping today with this lifeless body and dead brain, OMW. I can’t explain how I struggled (no coffee).

So when I got home luckily there was not time to sit for two minutes on the sofa, I had to change quickly and rush off to art class (with my dinner – couscous salad in container to be eaten in class). Took half an hour to get into painting…as usual I am glad I went. Got some laughs, hot chocolate, cookies, fun and *sigh* I managed to relax and unwind a bit. Thank goodness for art class and all the special people in Wednesday night’s class 🙂

New painting I’m working on

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