Precious Cargo

Have you ever looked up the meaning of precious cargo?

Those words are used to described something of great value. Precious as in something important, valuable or irreplaceable. Cargo something being carried or transported in containers mostly in ships.

To me precious cargo really means my children. But let me tell you today’s story, this is sort of like a diary entry ~

Moo drove to the mall today to have lunch with an old school friend. I knew about that, and that’s ok, it’s just down the road. Then he and his friend decided to go to school (now that’s quite a distance) I didn’t know about that little trip. But sometime in the afternoon, (it was 15h40 to be exact) I received a message from Moo saying he’s at school and his bringing his brother home! That’s usually my job. So I smiled and replied to his message and said: “Ok my love drive safe my sons”

That’s my precious cargo right there, my two boys in the car alone! Of course I phoned them some time later just to check up on them and make sure they were fine, and they teased me as they usually do 🙂

My boys, my special cargo. Oh it’s going to take me awhile to get used to the idea that one of them is already driving…and my prayers are louder, more frequent and anxious…all for my very precious cargo.

2 thoughts on “Precious Cargo

  1. Paula é assim mesmo, os filhos crescem, os pais continuam a protege-los..é normal ,no coração de Mãe os filhos são sempre pequeninos..mas eles vão-nos mostrando.. Mãe eu cresci, eu sei, confia. Eu digo-vos voçes são uma familia exemplar! God Bless You All.

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