Another Adventure

I’m super excited. Like a small child on Christmas morning with a large mountain of presents under the tree. That’s me super super excited. I’m singing and dancing just like Baloo!

Guess what? Guess….!!


My first time ever on such an adventure. It’s all confirmed and sorted, this happens in September (leaving Sunday 16th and returning Friday the 21st).  I have a friend there, a gallery owner and artist and she has a workshop or retreat running during this time. She remembered me when she was emailing all the details out. (Thank you Tina)

At first I said ‘NO’ it’s too long – a whole week away from home – and way too expensive.

But then I looked at it properly (with both eyes open). Five nights, all meals included and art lessons; basically the whole day. We start after breakfast, then continue after lunch till about 4 in the afternoon. And this is happening in a beautiful little place called Clarens. There are so many galleries and artists around there, beautiful scenery. So much inspiration.

So my bear said, ‘Yes, go I’ll survive’ (secretly I think he can’t wait to get rid of me). Then I had to check Tigs’ timetable it is exam time, prelims, and this is serious time at school. But he will be ok…I think, I hope. Then I asked my BFF if she wants to join me cause this is a nice thing to do with a friend 🙂

So it’s all set –

  • Permission to go  √
  • School and exams checked 
  • Applied for leave at work 
  • Deposit paid 
  • BFF also coming for company  
  • List of materials 
  • Packing … nearly there. The bag has come down already 🙂

So this is me – excited, energized, eager, thrilled and dancing and singing …

Look for the art necessities
The simple art necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the art necessities
Old Mother Nature’s beauties
That brings the art necessities of life

The bare necessities of life will come to you
They’ll come to you!

By the way I have the same figure as Baloo, so imagine it.

Me = Baloo dancing with an art basket, paint brushes and easel in hand. Oh what a pretty site!

Can’t wait!  😀


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