Snow or sleet no one cares

Snow, sleet, whatever it was, it doesn’t matter at all!

Tuesday the seventh of August, two thousand and twelve is for us a day to remember as the day it snowed in Johannesburg. And other cities and provinces in South Africa.

This is so normal and boring for some of our friends and relatives in the northern hemisphere. They are tired of shoveling it and they hate the white sh1t (sorry, I believe some people call it that)

But here it is a very unusual sight. It’s amazing what a little snow can do to us Africans 🙂 For a few hours it kept us in suspense and total excitement as we kept looking out the office windows and waiting. When we finally started seeing the flakes floating down past the 8th floor we all stormed out the building – to go and play a bit. Or at least to laugh and take some photos. So it really doesn’t matter if it wasn’t real snow, if didn’t fall in large buckets and last for days on end, no one cares. All we care about is that our roads and surroundings did turn white for a while as little flakes fell down. It was cold, but it was lots of fun to be outside and this little bit of snow was enough to make us all very happy.

Street view

Starting to pile up…

Staff working hard? 😀

YOU taking a photo of ME taking a photo of you

YOU taking a photo of ME taking a photo of you

Taken from the 8th floor window

Giggling school girls

What fun it was!

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