If you love art

I know I am a very lucky girl. I’m lucky because I get to work right in the middle of Johannesburg CBD a real concrete jungle at times. But if I take a walk outside there are some beautiful typical city scenes too. The large old trees is one of them, you just need to take a walk down the street and you will find yourself in the shade of tree and not a building. In autumn you can walk over the dry leaves and hear and feel the crunch under your feet 🙂

The other reason I’m lucky is that there is a gallery in my office. Yip, we have our very own art collection and our very own art gallery. And if you walk around the building you will find the walls in some of the corridors, board rooms and reception areas are covered with beautiful art.

I guess that only really matters if you love art. I don’t know. And don’t for a minute think it’s all curios or some strange stuff off the street. Remember Picasso and Africa? It was mind blowing, I loved it and still recall (with a huge smile) some of the trips to the gallery to see monsieur Picasso’s art. What fun.

See, what I mean when I say – I am a lucky girl?! Who gets to visit a gallery during working hours? Who gets to see original master pieces painted by some of the greatest artists the world has ever known? Who gets to visit international galleries and see these master pieces in their real home anyway?

So you can imagine my excitement and happiness at being so privileged to see art of this quality, something that I would never get to do in my lifetime if it weren’t for the gallery in my office. Oh I love how that sounds…so grand!!

Standard Bank 20th Century Masters – thank you for bringing such beauty to our city.

Let me enjoy it for a minute just casue I can …. it’s my lunch time

Henri Matisse [Young Woman in White]

Henri Matisse [Young Woman in White]
Jean Helion [Gothic Figure]

Emile-Othon Friesz [The Hammock]

Emile-Othon Friesz [The Hammock]

Lunch Time in the Gallery

I went back this week to look at the art one last time and say good bye….


I have some photos of my favorite pieces will share with you on a separate post. And soon I will walk around my building and take pictures of all the beautiful art work in the office you should see it.

2 thoughts on “If you love art

    • Yes! Absolutely! My favorites are ‘Head of Harlequin II’ it’s the only one that lives here in Johannesburg and I remember seeing it Jhb Art Gallery in Joubert Park when I was in primary school 🙂 I didn’t know a thing about Picasso at that time. The other most beautiful one in my mind is ‘ Reclining Woman’ I tell everyone I posed for that one – just love it 🙂

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