What my child taught me this past week

After giving us a fright and having an unpleasant experience – he was taken to the doctor for the a check up that turned out to be a series of blood tests, ultra sound, ECG’s and MRI. With all these trips to the doctors and the long periods waiting for results I learned that ….

  • I can never pray enough
  • My child no matter how old he is – will always be my baby
  • I can handle anything in life but not where it concerns my boys
  • He thinks he’s ready for the big world but he still needs his mommy
  • I can sit and stare at him for an eternity and never get tired
  • He keeps his sense of humor no matter what (he hates hospitals)
  • Whatever happens in life – stop and reflect on the many blessings

The little curve balls that life throws at you…they can all teach you something.

4 thoughts on “What my child taught me this past week

  1. Mãe é mãe! A Mother is a mother for eternity, until she parts. My daughter too had a hospital stay of 10 days, although she was 18 at the time, I stanyed with her through the night holding her hand, and still working the next day. Paula I hope that ll the tests are done, results are through and that he is onto a speedy recovery. XOXO Lidia & the Algarve clan.

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