Change in the office

I don’t mind change most of the time anyway but this is bugging me. 

We are now recycling at the office, yeah. Whatever! I’m happy for the conscious people that recycle everything including those tiny white plastic goodies that tie the bread bag together. And I’m happy we are recycling in the office but there are a few things about the 22 out 150 that is bugging me

  •  The toilet paper

For as long as I can remember it’s not 1 ply its ½ ply = thin, see through and tears into a million pieces you can’t even get one straight square out it’s so thin. You need to rip half the roll to do the job. I hate that.

  •  The taps in bathrooms

Over the years they have reduced the flow or the water pressure. So you go to the bathroom to wash your hands and it squirt pisses at you. To get the soap off you spend more time standing with your hands under the tap then before. This must be part of reducing water usage. I hate it.

  •  The plants

I think they disappeared about a year ago. All office plants have gone, apart from the obvious benefits you get from office plants the place just looks boring, plain and ugly. I hate that they took them away

  •  The bins

Wow, that is something else, it happened this month. All the bins were taken away. So now if you finish a cup of coffee you walk to the big recycling bins and put your cup in one of them. A document you printed that you don’t need any more..…get up again and take it to the correct bin. This is proving to be more difficult than I thought. Everyone has devised little plans, make shift bins or the crap just piles on their desks. It’s crazy, although sensible of the company, it is just driving some people crazy. I’m one of them. And in corridors and meetings the icebreaker or the topic is the lack of bins

Keep your water, and 2 ply and plants, can we please have those bins back! I hate not having my own. I’m tired of looking under the desk as if it’s going to mysteriously re appear and tired of the rubbish conversation.

3 thoughts on “Change in the office

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