Good Teachers

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge"  - Albert Einstein

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge” – Albert Einstein

Yesterday I went to say ‘good bye’ to one of Tigs teachers. I will probably go to school one more time when the final results are out and then never again. What a bitter-sweet moment.

I have been driving the boys to school for the last six years, fighting traffic, listening to their school stories, listening to the morning show on the radio and laughing together at some of Wackhead’s pranks. Watching them through the rear view mirror sleeping in the back seat or catching last-minute studies for the test of the day.

Lots of homework and tests, and exam timetables and endless hours putting projects together. Many reports, parent evenings, angry and frustrated emails or meetings with some of the teachers. Sports days, missing clothes and some lost books, a school concert and award evenings. Good reports and proud moments.

It feels good to reach the end of the teacher-parent relationship. School is finally over!

Teachers shape the young minds of our children and they make a difference in our children’s lives, they can change their personality and affect them in ways we will never know. For that reason it is important to know that when we leave them at the front gate, we are leaving them in the hands of good teachers. Sometimes *sigh* we want to punch the teachers, and I must tell you some of them deserve to be put away for good after a damn good hiding, but there are some exceptions. Some really special and amazing teachers.

After all these years it is time to say ‘good-bye’ and ‘thank you’ to some of the special people who taught my boys these last six years of high school. I only visited with one teacher though….this is dedicated to him

To the teachers at Jeppe Boys High – THANK YOU

For understanding – being a ‘great teacher’ is a continuous effort even when the kids drove you insane you always persisted

For your willingness to change – when we expect kids to change, grow and give their best…this happens only by their interaction with you and your willingness

For your work ethic – you never did quit, you gave it your best and because of that they tried to please you

For your hard work – we know it’s not easy being teacher, it’s not easy being a student either but your honest hard work was instilled in my boys

For your willingness to reflect – taking the good with the bad and not giving up on them

For your survival tactics – a healthy sense of humour and sense-of-self helped you get through those tough days

For your humility – it was not always about you, it was about the kids and you allowed the boys to teach you something along the years

For your passion for teaching – I know the pay isn’t always that good, you have to be passionate to stay in the school

For loving the kids – our kids can be trying at the best of times, I know I live with them imagine 30 of them in one class all day long  

For the love of your subject – you love it and they learnt to love it too

For understanding the role you play in a child’s life – role model, mentor, teacher and educator

Their success one day will be your blessing, I will always be grateful to you, the constant encouragement, support and guidance. For allowing them to dream and soar.

Thank you 😀

A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. – Henry Brooks Adams

9 thoughts on “Good Teachers

  1. Thank u infinitely for your kind words. There are these rare moments wen parents like yourself give us new inspiration to sally forth in this often thankless profession. It was a great pleasure teaching both your sons through the years, n I’m honored to have contributed my bit to their life’s journey. I have confidence that with all the loving support u have dedicated to raising these bright minds they would achieve greatly in whatever they choose. Thank u and I look forward to a new long friendship with u now that the parent-teacher relation ends.

    • No THANK YOU for looking after my boys, at least when they were in your care I know that —
      In the hands of you the gifted teacher
      the classroom was a magical place
      In the hands of you the gifted teacher
      There was a smile on my child’s face

      we love you 😉

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