Christmas Tradition # 1

It is time to start baking and preparing for Christmas so here is our Christmas tradition #1

This is a traditional sweet from Algarve, it has been adopted as a Christmas tradition for us because it is rare, sort of extinct. You don’t find this anywhere here is SA.

Oh and it is so easy to make, all you need for this is cake is…..well you need to have a sister-in-law living in Algarve, Portugal. Then you need to wait for her to send you one. Maybe that is not so easy…sorry if you don’t have a sister-in-law in Algarve, it’s a pity really this cake is delicious!

We all love this cake, all of us, I have no idea how to make this and have no plans in trying it our either.

Bolo de Figo or Dried Fig Cake

Don’t use Google to translate it, it is so bad it’s embarrassing, I will quickly explain the process.

Basically you need 500g of dried figs and 500g of almonds, this is roasted then it’s cut into tinny little pieces (minced) and put in pot with 500g of sugar (eeu that’s a lot) and some chocolate powder, cinnamon, aniseed and grated lemon. It cooks for about 5 minutes, then you let it cool down a bit and pour it on a wooden surface (chopping board) and mould it into a round shape or heart shape. Decorate with icing sugar (dusting over the cake) or just the almonds.Picture1

We lucky to get a parcel every once in a while with this treat and sometimes we received the dried stuffed figs – another delicacy, they wrapped like sweets and we save this all for a special occasion like Christmas or Tigs birthday tomorrow. I have taken this one out to celebrate his special day.

Thank you Candida for spoiling us, mwah xxx

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