The day you were born

Nineteen ninety-four (1994) was a busy year in South African politics.

In March South Africa was readmitted to the Olympic games by the International Olympic Committee

In April (26 to 29) the first democratic elections take place and the ANC wins In April, SA adopts its new multi-coloured flag as its national flag

In May, Nelson Mandela is sworn in as the first post-apartheid President of South Africa and FW de Klerk and Thabo Mbeki become joint deputy presidents

In December the ANC hold their 49th National Conference in Bloemfontein

It was in 1994 that The Lion King was released one of your favourite movies when you were small

And the cricket captain that year was still Hansie Cronje

The famous boxer Manny Pacquiao that you like so much was born on this day too – 17 December

tigs 1

Two weeks old

Streets of Philadelphia – Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting – All For Love, Mariah Carey – Without You were the songs of the year. But when we drove home with you on 22 December it was Julio Iglesias CD that was playing on our car radio – Song of Joy – it has a beautiful Christmassy sound to it. I remember it like it was yesterday.

We were home in time for Christmas with a small little angel in my arms, it was love at first sight, you were a soft gentle little baby. No fuss ever and the best feeling in the world was when you’d fall asleep in my arms. We took long naps like that me and you.

I could hear you breathe and feel that little heart beat and feel your breath on my face. Look at you now, standing in front of me, you are so grown up!

Where is the baby boy of the family? Where have you gone? Those nights you would sleep in the middle with your little hand on my breast, the tiny footsteps running to our room in the middle of the night where has it all gone?

All I wish for and pray for is that you are happy and healthy. Please take care of my heart your holding it so carelessly in your beautiful long hands. The day you were born my heart was gone forever…..Hold it nicely my son and keep it in a safe place, it’s your forever.

♥ Happy 18th birthday to my grogeous baby boy, I love you with all my heart ♥

7 thoughts on “The day you were born

  1. Lindo! o que acabei de ler,e,mais uma lágrimas de emoção rolaram pelo meu rosto.Tenho muito orgulho em voçês! vos Amo Muito.Que Deus vos abênçoe! bjinhos da vossa sempre Titi. 🙂 XXXX

  2. you express yourself so well Paula and echo what goes on im moms’ hearts around the globe… Congratulations and a very happy birthday to Tiago… may the future be bright and welcoming… beijinhos 🙂

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