Christmas Tradition # 2

We have a few traditions of our own, over the last 37 years of living in sunny SA there may have been some changes to the old ones, and new traditions were adapted to fit in with the South African theme and weather and all of us. At some stages we were about 20 sitting at the dinner table and lying lazily the day after around the pool or in the cool of the garden.

I don’t like cooking, don’t care much about the kitchen but if I’m baking then the kitchen is a good place to be.

My boys love these cookies, this is something they gobble up while we are busy being distracted with something else. There are a few variations to this recipe, most of them are made with sweet potato. Our recipe is of a real cookie that will last in the cookie jar for a while if you can hide it that long from the children.

IMG-20121217-00317 (2)Broas de Natal or Aniseed Christmas Cookies – Christmas Tradition #2

250g of flour

125g of mealie meal (maize)

125g of sugar

1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/2 teaspoon of aniseed, pinch of salt

10 ml of port wine

2 eggs

1 cup of oil (I don’t fill the cup right to the top)

1 teaspoon of baking powder

2 table spoons of honey


Let me warn you it can get messy, that’s normal. Everything gets mixed together in one go in one bowl. Then you need to use your hands and shape into little balls then flatten them a bit into oval shape. You might need extra flour for dusting. Brush cookies with egg yolk and bake until golden.

Sprinkle with glitter edible fairy dust of course and hide them away from the boys ♥

😀  ♥

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