My pilot

I was indulged. Spoiled. Treated to an unforgettable sightseeing experience on a plane.

It was a family fun day, where you could just stare at old planes or old cars and take photos, or choose a plane, swipe your credit card and take a flight on an old military plane. Part of the money went to a charity organisation.

(Apologies upfront for the bad photos – I took the camera with me but it is not easy to take pics up there….for many reasons. I tried my best!)

My bear sent me on a 25 minute flight on a YAK 52. Just me and my pilot – at Port Alfred 43 Air School





We flew along the coast line.

I can’t see the end of the ocean it carries on forever and the deepest darkest blue meets the most perfect clear blue African sky.  Flying over Kelly beach in Port Alfred all the way to Kenton. The rivers are huge from up there and where they meet the ocean the color is an awesome deep turquoise, it shimmers in the sunlight. I can see new beach strips, no one has ever walked on those patches of pure white sand.



We make a right turn and although it is a very smooth turn it feels like we are upside down. My tummy somersaults and belly flops and the butterflies go wild. I screamed with delight and excitement and he looks back smiling and asks if I’m ok?

I was more than ok 😀



We flying straight again this time inland over the farms, farm roads, houses, rivers and untouched pieces of land. It’s an awesome view. There are more rivers, ones I dint know about, they smaller they all meet the Bushmans river or trickle off to the ocean on their own. Every time I try to take a photo the plane ‘bounces’ and I miss a heartbeat. I love the butterflies in my tummy.



my window was open just a bit to allow for photos

my window was open just a bit to allow for photos

All the time I can hear the tower from the air school and two of the traffic controllers talking; alpha, delta, zulu (that is so cool) they talk to other planes about the fuel and where they’re flying. The pilot speaks to me every once in a while and the 25 minutes are over too quickly. We are near the air school and he shows me the air strip. Sadly it’s almost time to land.



Now why didn’t I go into flying school? What does an old girl like me need to do to learn to fly? He said it himself:  “Flying beats working!”

Awesome experience. Unforgettable. Thanks Babes!!

Wish he had done some upside down flips.

air wolf has landed

air wolf has landed

4 thoughts on “My pilot

  1. How do you get the best stories EVER? I am always so excited to read about your adventures, not only about what you have done and experienced but also the way you described it, I don’t even like flying 😉 and I felt encouraged to it. Keep them coming Pilot. 😀

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