Painting my name

When you finish a painting you have to sign it! That’s the unspoken rule.

This is all I know about signing your art work – Signing means you’re happy and your art work is complete. Your signature should be the same on all your art work. You should be able to read it (it’s not a doctor’s letter). Dating your art work is a good idea.

I always struggle with signing and have to remove the first attempt and re-do it. Sometimes its third time lucky. I see it as a signature, like the one you do with a pencil which is easy and you’ve been doing for ages, so it flows beautifully.

On a painting when using a brush it’s actually not a signature. It’s part of the painting. So you have to paint your name (I have to remind myself of this) I am not signing I am painting my name.

For 2013 I have decided to change it a bit and I’m adding my surname. After some practice shots this is what I painted ….




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