Another three races

I have completed another three races.

  • Johnson Crane 10km on 27 January

We were so late this morning and still had to register, it was a bit of a crazy start. Then we were mooned, just before the race; if you know what I mean…a runner in desperate need of the loo! (it was an eclipse) #PrivateJoke

  •  Alberton Race 10km on 3 February

I loved this race, close to home. The race officials were supper friendly, it was so well-organized and the spectators and neighborhood people were just awesome; offering support along the way.

  • Pick n Pay Race 10km on 10 February

This was also a good race, we had great laughs at the starting line. They were playing chariots of fire before the start which just made me laugh.

Special THANK YOU to the nice runner that opened her house half way through the race and allowed a whole bunch of ladies to use the loo 😀

Real girl power! I loved it

Happy Feet - On Holiday! No blisters here

Happy Feet – On Holiday! No blisters here

So far it’s been good, I have not seen any results yet. Not too happy about that, but I am still motivated. Sunday the 17th was rest day for all of us. This Sunday we are back on the road for another race. It’s getting darker now when we wake up so I bet it will not be too easy to get up in the morning.

I developed a blister on my right foot. It looks like it’s healed so I’m ready for Sunday.

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