Try Something New

Some people crave trying new things. Adventurous free and happy spirits. I like routine and I like sticking to what I know. I like to try new foods but usually stay on the safe side and stick to what I know. I envy people who start new things and grasp it quickly and successfully. I might even be able to do the same thing but because I never try I don’t know what the outcome might be….It’s a fear of the unknown and fear of failure that keeps me on the conservative side 

BUT having said that I have done something new and very daring and adventurous. This blog was something new!

And just recently I started something that is so not me and so out of character that I’m waiting to wake up from my sleep to find it was all just a funny strange dream #running

I have never been the sporty athletic type, in primary school I participated in the relay races and egg-and-spoon-races.That is my whole sad sporting history!

Now I run walk a race every Sunday; ten kilometers! Pure Madness!

Trying new things requires → huge amounts of courage → teaches you to conquer challenges → opens up new possibilities → forces you to grow and learn

Courage → Conquer Challenges  Possibilities → Grow and Learn 

I believe I’m doing a lot of the above lately. Even if no one around me sees it. I am doing all four, sometimes all at the same time, sometimes a little slower and one at a time. I will never bungee jump and taste scorpions….but something inside is making me try something new and I wont let fear of failure stop me now. Not yet anyway. This is my thing, my journey.

You never know if you never try

something new

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