What do you say to the mother…?

sad-womanBeing a mother means that your role in the world has changed. It means that every day you experience the greatest love you have ever felt. It means you come last and your child first. You live on little sleep and food and survive on some kind of energy drink maybe it is coffee but most times its silent prayers that come with deep sighs.

It’s the most difficult job in the world and you don’t get a manual or training to go with it. Because we learn as we go along I ask you – maybe you have more experience than I do – What do you say to a mom that has a disabled child? What do you say to a mother that has a son in jail? What do you say to the mother of a drug addict?

See I know all three mom’s. The last one the mother of a drug addict is the one that was here last night till very late; waiting for news on her only child. News that maybe this time her child has learned the hard lesson and has decided to change and to get better, to accept help.

I’m standing outside looking in and I can see the danger, the sadness, the anger and complete helplessness. She can’t because she’s the mom. This is her only child. She’s waiting for good news, a new dawn. What do you say to the mother of a drug addict?

Looking in is easy to have opinions and ideas and to say I have read about “tough-love” you must be tough! But she is a mother, a woman of the same club that has experienced the greatest love and lived on little food and sleep and energy drinks. She has whispered those silent prayers and deep sighs. She is helpless and tired and hoping for good news, a miracle recovery of her child.

We pray for this family daily and for a miracle. In the mean time what am I suppose to say to this mother?

2 thoughts on “What do you say to the mother…?

  1. Paula, tenho muito orgulho em ti.. és uma pessoa com um coração MARAVILHOSO! obrigado por ajudares essa Mãe! eles (Pais) estão desesperados.. o vosso carinho é para eles muito importante nesta fase da vida deles.. Que DEUS vos abênçoe neste vosso trabalho. Bjs.

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