Yesterday’s parties

Whatever happened to good old birthday parties? I saw party invites and photos of friends parties and I’ve realized just how lucky I am that my boys are grown up and I don’t need to plan one of these

  • boot camp party (army style) 
  • disco party (with real DJ running it)
  • pamper (day at spa – manicure and pedicure) birthday party
  • cooking master-chef party
  • modeling shoot (bring two outfits, etc meet at photography studio!) birthday party
  • American Idol party
  • wall climbing or rock climbing party

This is what some mom’s are doing to keep their children entertained at birthday parties. And these kiddies are 8, 9, and 10. The boot camp party was for a 4-year-old, complete with camouflage, trench maneuvers, obstacles with nets, ropes and swings.

Back in the day in my household and in my circle of friends we used to arrange a gorgeous cake, crisps, pizza, some kind of adult food, juice, lots of sweets, party packs a water slide for summer and a jumping castle! That’s all that was needed, and the party was always a huge success.

If you wanted to keep your house clean there was always Spur or party-zone.

Unbelievable how things have changed, I think I prefer my old theme parties. IMG-20130321-01254 IMG-20130321-01255IMG-20130321-01256IMG-20130321-01257IMG-20130321-01258IMG-20130321-01259IMG-20130321-01260

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