Drive Home

On our drive back from a wonderful December holiday, we drove pass a very beautiful and pleasant surprise. I didn’t know about the existence of this dam, and I’ve lived here for ever!! Always discovering new wonderful things, places and people in SA.

It was extremely hot on that day and very bright. We stopped for a few minutes to take some pics of this awesome sight!

Gariep Dam is located on the Orange River in the Free State.

Gariep Dam (wikipedia)

The wall is 88 m high and has a crest length of 914 m and contains approximately 1.73 million m³ of concrete. The Gariep Dam is the largest storage reservoir in South Africa. In South African English, dam refers both to the structure and the lake it impounds. Gariep Dam has a total storage capacity of approximately 5,340,000 megalitres (5,340 hm³) and a surface area of more than 370 square kilometres (140 sq mi) when full. The hydro-electrical power station houses four 90 MW generators, giving a maximum output of 360 MW of electricity at a water flow rate of 800 m³/s.

Here are some photos my photographer captured in that midday heat. Beautiful memories we will have forever….

Pan 1

Pan 3

Pan 5

I love her for the perfection of her days
The crisp Karoo morning
The Joburg winter noon
The late summer Cape Town sunset
The star-filled Free State night
By: Ian Macdonald

Pan 2

 i ♥ SA

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