The sun has set

Finally the sun has set. I finished it, I signed it last night.


I can’t believe how long this one took me. It was quite very hard. Maybe because this was the first time I ever attempted a sunset? It has a lot of darks and lights and I just struggled throughout the whole painting. Was starting to get bored and losing interest. I almost cried. It was exhausting me! I think some things are better left to be photographed and not painted (late sunset is one of them). The photo I have is beautiful and I just couldn’t capture it in my painting.

I signed it last night and started another project. Another sunset *scared face*

This is a small canvas and the sunset is an early one, so it’s much lighter and hopefully will be easier. I have some experience now…

Sometimes the photos I take of my art work don’t do justice to the real painting. Today I think the photo looks better than the original. That’s me being negative about myself and my art. Sorry ;(

The good news is that I’m very excited about the next two projects. Yip, I have two in my heart and ready for a canvas – sunset – started last night and the other one is another first for me, something different and challenging that I will start very soon.

Will keep you posted!

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