Alone in a mall

I was in Cape Town last week for a little visit with my son. Monday he was at varsity and I had all this time to myself at the famous V & A Waterfront

Beautiful mall, I hate shopping malls actually, all those slow people and queues…but the Waterfront is special cause when you walk outside you see the mountain!!  IMG-20130429-00071

Anyway I spoiled myself in the first two stores I walked into….

LUSH – why oh why don’t we have one in Johannesburg?

Handmade, homemade nice smelling stuff for the face, hands, body etc. Oh what a great store, I was a bit lost in this nice smelling place with samples of everything for me to test (I love that) but I feel bad trying all of them 😉

The prices are so reasonable and they really have awesome creams. I bought a face wash – Aqua Marina – to help me with my rash or whatever it is that makes my cheeks & neck so red and itchy.  Seems to work but only till early afternoon then the itchiness starts again. Damn air-conditioned office. It has real seaweed and it’s made with the lovely pink calamine powder that kids use when they have chicken pox. I love it, makes my face so soft. When I go back to Cape Town will definitely go back to this store.

Crabtree & Evelyn – Even the name sounds expensive. We have them here in JHB but I walked in any way just to look and walked out with a body soufflé. Ooh la la!!

The most delicious smelling thing ever. It’s so silky and I’m going to use it sparingly (I always do anyway – it will last me a year) I will enjoy my indulgence. No regrets, it feels wonderful on the skin!

Don’t leave me alone in a pretty shopping mall with nice smelling shops, it’s dangerous very unsafe ….


6 thoughts on “Alone in a mall

  1. do u know that tarocco oranges are from sicily with the most lucious dark red cells ever seen- will see if i can still find some as the orange season is actually over and will take a pic…. very nice to eat too

  2. Sounds glorious, glad we were not together, we would have smelt and touched everything, and spent a whole lot more. Enjoy the treats.

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