heartHave you ever felt like this?

  • When you have so many friends and still feel lonely, no one is really there for you
  • When the one thing you dislike most is left there for you to look at, a reminder that what you like doesn’t matter and neither do you
  • When you keep pretending you have a perfect happy life, but actually you just feel like crying
  • When you feel your image and contribution in the professional world is worth nothing

That’s not the feeling of an angry person – it’s just a sad one and there’s a difference. Social fears are way more destructive than physical ones and physical danger.

When your body senses some kind of stress nearby (danger or a threat) your cells in the nervous and endocrine systems work closely together to prepare the body for action.

Cell communication! They set the body into instant reaction and response. So if you are in danger your body and brain goes into crazed mode. The complete opposite is calm mode.

Some people call it fight or flight and then there’s flee mode. Ever heard of ‘cleave or leave’? Most of the time the feeling is to flee from everything and everyone and just be alone.

So what do you say to the four different people who feel like fleeing? I wish I had an answer and some solutions, I bet there are a million lists out there that offer help, and although I love lists I’d hate to read one of those ‘self-help things’ if I was feeling like this.

In my search for something good – this old video came to mind – every time I watch it I laugh my head off. It wont solve any serious problems, but it’s an attempt for a smile and a good hearty laugh. Laughing is good for you. At least for a few moments you can forget, relax, flee and giggle. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and all the sadness will be gone.

And I’ll apologise upfront for whatever you don’t like in the video – I’m going to watch it again 😀


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