Hide and seek

flawsIt has been ages since my last blog! I don’t even know why?

A lot has happened in that time; and at the same I can say nothing much has happened. I have been busy and extremely lazy.

I think it’s the whole season change, makes me want to hibernate. I love to live in slippers and PJ’s and have been wearing flat shoes and jeans to work on most days. I’m sure people are talking about what I’m wearing. I’m not the smart office dresser but do usually put more effort into the whole ME look. Lately, washed hair and jeans is just enough.

Unmotivated, grumpy, and even hating work or feeling very un-loyal (I’ve always been the very loyal type) so this feeling is kind of new. Thinking about my flaws…..

My kids sometimes say things that bother or worry me, like;

  • “I hate people”
  • “Many things bother me, 7,021,836,029 things to be exact, which coincidently is Earth’s Human Population”
  • “Why must there be so many people on this planet, I hate people”

These pasts few days, weeks, maybe month I have been feeling exactly the same. Ugh! That’s terrible. Also my old negative feelings, and I just can’t blog when I’m feeling that way. Another ugh!

Anyway, its winter, time to hibernate. Hair is static again! Drinking loads of hot chocolate, nice and fattening! Got a new phone and that process nearly had me pulling my hair out. Supermoon was here and that must have had some crazy effect on people and their moods.

Finished a beautiful painting (not hibernating in art) and paid varsity fees for two students. Can’t believe I have two boys in varsity. I’m sure that is part of my whole sad mood. My bear bought a bike, I call it his middle age crises, he says its to save on petrol.

And I’m watching and waiting with the rest of the world I guess on the Mandela story.

I’m back, I’m blogging again.

2 thoughts on “Hide and seek

  1. You are not alone. My heels and summer dresses are all folded away in the cupboard. Wardrobe consists of jeans, vests, stockings, socks, jerseys, and flat shoes ….. Layers layers layers and with that scratchy skin and very static hair. Hate getting out of bed and hate being in my cold kitchen making dinner on a week night. All I want is my pjs and slippers. My boss is lucky I don’t pitch up in a track suit

    So Cous don’t feel alone its a general feeling. Minus the varsity fees. You can keep that.

    Now climb into your warm bed with a hot choc. I’m boiling the kettle for mine

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