Good bye 2013

I am officially on holiday and will be back in Jozzi in January! Although I’m not feeling excited about the holidays yet, I’m glad this year is over. Can’t wait to climb in the car and start the road trip. Then the excitement and relaxation will start!

It has been the crappiest year ever and the last few months just dragged on dreadfully slow. Most days with an overwhelming sense of tiredness. Sadness sometimes dominated my days leaving scars not yet recognised as blessings. Waiting for it them to heal and hope the holiday does that.


I’m also looking forward to the new year not with new year’s resolutions but with a pact I made with myself to change my mind and that way I think. See this is going to be harder than any new year’s resolution ever.

Changing the way I think and what I think about myself.

Enough of the bad year and heavy stuff.

Wish you all a wonderful, wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

Blessings from South Africa. I’ll be back soon!

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