Silent Nights

Let it be known that I hate camping. Not the tent itself or the shared ablutions which in the Kruger are very clean. I hate it because I just can’t handle the bugs at night that take over any form of light and when you try to cook it’s impossible to keep them from falling in your food or plate and maintain some kind of normal. I hate the boxes all over the place, always looking for something and packing away (because vervet monkeys or squirrels will guzzle and destroy anything) and I really hate setting up the tent! If I could arrive and the whole thing is set up then I guess it would not be so bad.

Apart from this bit of moaning – camping is ok, it’s nice. Campers are quiet, friendly people, they go to bed early and rise extra early, but they are respectable of others and camping “neighbours” are just different kind of people. They love nature and outdoor life and are content listening to the birds in the shade or having a drink by the braai at night. All the time in silence. And that is the part I love.

Tranquil, relaxing & peaceful and quiet time in the bush in my favourite place in the world the – Kruger National Park. That was December holiday and Christmas. We stayed in Shingwedzi Camp which was a very good choice, other camps are a bit more busy and noisy. Christmas with an African flair in the sun-kissed, lush green bushveld. The smells of the bush and the fresh air is invigorating! Undisturbed time, it was pure bliss.

Some nights we camped and hubby upgraded us so we had a few nights of aircon with the comforts of a chalet. December in the bushveld is extremely hot. Its summer and the heat was not kind, I was so grateful for the beautiful swimming pool.

Here are some pics that I absolutely love –


chalet DSC0231




Watching this young elephant playing in the water was awesome –







My boys opening presents on Christmas eve –




Almost the end of 2013 what a perfect ending it was….



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