Listen for His voice


If you have a website or blog page you can see how many hits you get. How many visitors and followers you have and where the visitors come from. I can do the same thing on my blog page. It even shows me which word was used in the search engine – that got the visitor to hit my page. If you are a follower, you will receive an email when I post something, you can read it quickly in your mail box and just as quickly press delete. Or you can actually click-through and visit my page and engage a bit by commenting, liking and looking at the gallery of my paintings.

Today I heard a sermon where my friend used those visits on a website and compared them to the times where God tries to talk to us. This is not his sermon but I have taken that bit of his example for this huge piece in my life.

Am I listening when He talks to me? Do I engage in conversation and let Him stay a bit longer to visit and live with me? Or do I just look at the stats page and carry on with my busy life? I think the answer is ‘no’ to all of these.

I am so terribly busy and preoccupied with everything and anything that I have become a bit self-sufficient and self-satisfied. I have Him visiting my website so many times, there are millions of hits on my page and I don’t get excited about it the way a blogger usually is excited about the stats page.

My site stats shows – best ever 145 views – I know exactly which post that was for. Oh if I should check my real webpage the one where God visits there will be a million hits and views and even messages, but they remain unanswered. And maybe on some days his visits even doubled, but I wont remember why…what happened on that day, what was I posting?

What a bad person I must be to ignore something like that. That little graph is always high up there and the words on the search engine were ‘Paula, special daughter’.  A visitor right from heaven every single day a million times a day and I have not been listening. I’m so busy I can’t hear His voice.

it is time to stop, and in between some deep breaths and many sighs; to just be still and check my stats page. Really check it properly, listen! I know He is leaving messages for me all the time. It is time to open my mind and heart to His messages. I have not been listening for so long….

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