Laugh your heart out

Picture1lolTo say that the past two weeks (actually last month and a half) have been stressful is a bit of an understatement. I literally made myself sick with worry and stress, with a few outbursts of crying for good measure. It has also been raining every day for most of the day since last Saturday. Grey skies for so long here in SA is a bit uncommon. I love the rain and we need it badly but seeing the sun today for the first time since Saturday morning was a real welcome. It seemed to lift everyone’s spirits too.

And then….while in the office my friend shared a video that almost made me pee in my pants. Seriously it’s that funny. I don’t like fights, stress, grumpiness, anger, and tears. I just love a good hearty laugh and sunshine and happy people, I’m sure we all do. Maybe that’s why a good laugh after a bad time always tastes and feels even better. Like medicine.

So if you are feeling a little blue today and need to just let go and forget the worries for a bit, then check out what made my ribs hurt so much from laughter. Enjoy. Laugh really loud. And watch it again. I know I did. I wish you a very happy Thursday (yeah it’s almost weekend) on my Monday Madness post.

We don’t all share the same funny bone, so I’m sorry if you don’t like it 😀

Here is the very funny Catherine Tate – The hilarious translator!

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