My Grandpa

Me and Grandad (July 1989)

Me and Grandad (July 1989)

Last week I received a book from my secret friend (a devotional). And true to myself, never starting a book from the front, I always like to check the back first and make my way to the front, slowly by stopping in the middle…that is normal for me and a magazine. Now with the devotional in hand I went straight from the back to my birthday date. May 31. Just like when I have a new calendar the first month I look at is May, and I always get so excited when I discover that it’s the prettiest picture of the whole calendar 😀

The title on my day is “My Grandpa” and it has such a cute story about a young girl sitting on grandpa’s leg while he taught her to read.

Made me smile and brought back a million memories of a wonderful vegetable garden, orchards with a huge variety of fruit trees, fixing shoes and belts and anything leather, woodwork, the pencil in his ear, his white worn out shirts with rolled up sleeves, that smile and typical family Ferrao nose, his blue eyes. The way he liked his soup, the way he liked bread! The hands that built a house! The way he sat next to the radio listening to the news.

And most of all how when we were small and sometimes teased and annoyed our great-grandmother he would ‘punish’ us by tying our big toe to the leg of the chair with a piece of cotton!! I had that punishment a few times.

That was My Grandpa and the special person that was shared amongst 18 grandchildren.

Feelings of saudade flood my heart, nostalgia and longing for something that was so beautiful and strong – the love of a grandfather.

This is the bible verse for the devotional that brought back this memory ♥

“Children’s children are a crown to the aged, and parents are the pride of their children.”  Proverbs 17:6

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