Purple Inspiration

Where does inspiration come from? I say anywhere and everywhere. Purple is a different kind of inspiration!

I visited an exhibition recently, something very different and purple. That’s one colour or shade that I only like on a Jacaranda tree. Visiting the “The Purple Shall Govern” I was just blown away with the story behind this artist.

Mary came from a family of domestic workers; grandmother and mother. Mary is the lady with an Honours Degree in Fine Art, and winner of Young Artist Award 2013 (South Africa). Mary’s story and art is incredible and her attention to detail is just mind-blowing.

What I really enjoy about exhibitions is that it’s great to go on your own and take your time with art pieces. I like and dislike many things and fast-forward when I come across something that I think is awful and don’t understand. I shake my head at the ‘craziness’ of artists and how bold they are in expressing themselves, they make stuff that no one will hang in their lounge and yet everyone loves or admires. And I stare at these weird pieces and think…ok maybe I will only be famous if I go crazy and produce some really provoking pieces. My paintings are too boring for the 20th century.

But then I take a ‘guided’ tour with the curator that knows the artist and all of a sudden the art pieces are not weird or crazy, they make perfect sense. She gives me some really insightful little details about those strange ones. I learn things like ‘alter ego’ and ‘emancipation’. That your personal growth and rebirth influence your art. That social concerns, democracy and protests can be put into art! I learn a bit more about Installation Art.

The three-dimensional art work has me walking around a piece, from far and near, contemplating it or totally immersing myself in the space of the art work…and I love every minute and every piece

Have a look at some of Mary’s beautiful art work –

totally immersing myself

totally immersing myself





look at the hand print

look at the hand print


Mary's face (alter ego Sophie)

Mary’s face (alter ego Sophie)

5 thoughts on “Purple Inspiration

  1. lovely post. I really feel for artists as they are so often misunderstood and really only get recognized after they die. I imagine so many have to live with pressure from family to “get a real job”.

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