Job ad in the paper

Writers Bootcamp – Day 5 @Writersbootcmp

Find a job ad in the paper. Write about your life if you had that job


Working as an au pair is a unique and rewarding experience. Being a member of the family, and having the opportunity to look after children which I always wanted to do. I am responsible for providing quality childcare 5 days a week from 12h00 to 17h00. My responsibilities are:

  • Playing with the children and keeping them safe
  • Preparing meals and snacks for the children
  • Helping to keep the children’s room tidy
  • Bathing and dressing the children
  • Helping school age kids with homework and school activities
  • Entertaining the children and teaching them
  • Taking the children on outings to parks, play-groups and other activities

Sounds, ok so far, this is my normal day and this is how it started in the Fabian household

12:00 Make lunch for Ann
13:00 Clean up lunch dishes and fold Sam & Ann’s laundry
14:00 Put Ann & Sam down for a nap
15:30 Ann wakes up from nap, then Sam
Pick Gloria up from school
16:00 Make Gloria a snack and help her with her homework
17:00 Mom, Margo, arrives home from work

My routine was similar and I was creating a special bond with he twins and with Gloria, this was my life for about six months.

Then mom, Margo, (a.k.a. cruella) started demanding more, first she asked nicely then it was demanding, she fired the helper so I had to be there in the morning now to look after the twins and then I started doing the helpers work too…cleaning and even ironing. It got to a point that there were days I only left after I’d made dinner for the family. In between the kid’s school activities and going to the park and homework I had to find time for grocery shopping too. She didn’t always leave enough money!!!!

Things started getting uncomfortable and although I was desperate for the money and needed this job I thought I’d be better off packing groceries at Spar. One year of abuse from cruella constant phone calls from her during the day, demands, and always being blamed for her childs bad maths marks to mention just a few of the abuses I had to put up with. One year of this abuse and one day I just never arrived at her house. She phoned a million times, I listened to some voice messages she was screaming. One of the messages I almost felt sorry for her.

I had a very old phone one of those that only did texts and calls, it was really an antique and I looked at it with no guilty feelings and just threw it in the Jackson Dam! Liberating now the ducks can play with it and take her messages. I went home,tomorrow I will look for another job………..

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