One Food. One Drink

Day 11 of 30 day challenge at @Writtersbootcmp 1 food. 1 drink. For the rest of my life


One Food. One Drink.

How is this possible, this must  be the hardest topic in the challenge. I am glad it is just make belief in a blog

One drink for the rest of my life!

I’d love my fresh home-made orange juice, with all the little bits, I squeeze, oranges and grapefruit and sometimes half a lemon too for extra vitamin C and it’s sweet and those little bits are delicious it’s like drinking pudding 😀

One food for the rest of my life!

Can it be two? Like olives and bread? Ok if it really is only one, then its olives. Any kind, just lots of them. Different flavours or tastes in the bottle, and if I’m allowed to have some stuffed with almonds, peppers, feta…that would be a bonus. As long as there are olives at home, I am happy 😀

Thank Goodness I can have more food and drink and not just these two

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